February 21, 2009

Knock at perfect services for RAID data recovery

RAID Data Recovery is one of the most complicated tasks that all of Data recovery Service providers are doing. Problem gets giant when users fell like it is good to recover data themselves and repair the array through various system utilities. Idea is not bad may be you do not have important data that has to be recovered. However it has been experienced that when you have a RAID failure that has been resulted in substantial data loss.

Mostly it is being recommended in case of RAID failure to take service of any Data Recovery Service provider. There is a set procedure that most data recovery professional follow when it comes to performing the recovery work. These procedures are followed and expanded upon when dealing with a RAID Recovery. When starting in this phase of Data Recovery make sure if all of the drives are functional. Now, what methodology you have for recovery do apply it. In very next step make compete, sector by sector clones of every drive. This is not Ghosting, resemble it with the process which is rather helpful to work around bad sectors. While making clone of the sector keeps in mind that source drive should be in “right protected” mode, hence no data can be written to the drive. This marked as the original data is not altered in anyway. Once the cloning process is completed, original drives you have already set off to the side and are not touched during all these. The actual recovery process performed on the clones. So there is nothing done during recovery process which could make situation worse.

The best action one can take in the situation of a Raid data recovery problem is to immediately send the hard disk to a specialized firm. As the users in such cases go for a try to make some recovery resulting in more chances to data lost even more difficulties to recover that lost data by professionals too. It is obvious that RAID Data Recovery is expensive but still cheaper to a situation when there is an attempt to recreate the lost data.

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