March 3, 2009

Data Recovery is the last tool

At Each Organization every responsible person knows that protecting computer data is important, but how many of them are confident about running the backed up data? May be very few, of course it is true that not only regular back up your computer data as well make it in such a form that it should be avail on the time of demand.

The two largest leading factors in case of data loss are hardware or system malfunctions and human error. Together, almost 75% cases of all data loss are being shared by these reasons. Software corruption, computer viruses and ‘physical’ disasters like fire and water damage make up the rest. There are three major trends in data loss today, representing industry-wide shifts in technology and market behavior. First, technology and advanced users are consuming most of the part of all storage space that has been provided mutually, hence storing less data on smaller storage. Second, Users cleverly using desktop or laptop to store important data. This may be such an important, which in condition of loss can ruined someone. This fact showing too much data dependency on such storage systems. Finally, most of the backup technology and practices are failing to protect data adequately. Among this someone get protected while few worry more, they could not be succeed to backup their important data.

Data recovery is the last tool when everything else, including commercial software, fails. When customers need data recovery, they need it fast. In all these three cases, we can recover all the data within 24 hours or receiving the media. Data recovery is more than pulling strings of bits from mangled disk drives or tangled file systems. Data Recovery Service providers use their much better technical team to recover your lost data. Many of such service providers are equipped with so modern tools which would be never imagined by us. After all their accuracy parameter is only that If the Data has been recovered?

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